Just minutes into the competition, anglers already are reeling their first catch.

The weather and sea was thankfully favourable at Pantai Remis; a 1.8km long beach in Kuala Selangor facing small islands namely Pulau Angsa and Pulau Tekukor, and is this years venue for hundreds of anglers (including women) from as far as Singapore, vying for the cash prize winnings at the 3rd leg of the Tourism Malaysia Surfcasting Tour 2019.

“We hope this event will help promote the area and spur business opportunities in its local community.” – Mohd Nasir Bin Kushairi, Senior Deputy Director (Domestic & Events Division), Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board.

Mohd Nasir Bin Kushairi, Senior Deputy Director (Domestic & Events Division), Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board. (Left Side)
Hundreds of men and women anglers from as far as Singapore gathered at Pantai Remis.

Events such as this has already helped justify the need for more comfortable accommodations and functional facilities, thus boosting development in the area. Citing the fully-booked hotels and chalets near Pantai Remis prior to event day, he adds.


It is believed that the inheret name of the beach derived from a molluscs locally named “Remis” and is the most visited beach in the district of Kuala Selangor – aside from Pantai Jeram, for its recreational activities like kite flying, and fishing. Its also famous for its seafood dining experience – having fresh produce directly from the sea.


During the competition, all levels of experienced angles with piked rods, shakey lines and high hopes could be seen. Among the catch; which most angels would bring home, are Ikan Sembilang, Ikan Ketuka or Ikan Belukang as it is in abundance, in contrast to the Ibu Gelama which was once caught weighing 1kg and sold for RM8000. However this time, Tourism Malaysia in collaboration with Wak Jali Event Management for the Tourism Malaysia Surfcasting Tour 2019, A journey to Visit Malaysia Year 2020 is giving away RM70,000.00 cash for the winner, RM12,000.00 for second runner up and RM5,000.00 for third runner up and consolation, lucky draw to its participants. Moreover there will be a Grand Slam winner (highest accumulated point from all the series) which will win a Perodua Myvi. Pantai Remis, Kuala Selangor on 28 April 2019 is the third leg of the series after Melaka and Kelantan. Overall, there will be 10 legs of this competition ending in Kuala Lumpur on December 2019.


Aside from Pantai Remis, tourists can also explore the town of Kuala Selangor and experience history of the district at Kuala Selangor Museum located at Bukit Malawati. For nature lovers they can explore Kuala Selangor Nature Park. When it comes to food, I visited a famous local restaurant Restoran Mi Udang Banjir known for its Mi Udang Banjir Udang Galah which was reasonably portioned for my taste and priced.


For more information on the competition, you may contact Wak Jali Event Management.




Mr Zali Kasran

013 311 3911 / 019 620 3040

Mr Amir Ali Mohd

012 214 1401 / 013 383 8655


Its been years since I last bought a batik shirt – let alone having a ‘Kurta’ in my collection, seems about time to get one. Recommended by a friend, I immediately took this opportunity before the “Hari Raya” shopping spree kicks-in. Screening its impressive collection of apperals ranging from ‘Baju Melayu’, ‘Kurta‘, ‘Kemeja Pak Maun‘ and ‘Jubah‘ and upon further examination on its official website, I could honestly say I was excited with what Aisy Asyraf has to offer.

Located closely beside UiTM Shah Alam, is the Aisy Asyraf Boutique (Shah Alam Branch) which is near my residency, thus I quickly drove – hoping to secure a parking space in the sunny Saturday morning vibe, but sadly to no avail I was driven to park a bit further from the outlet as the crowed beat me to it. Walking towards the Aisy Asyraf outlet, I passed many other apparel outlets and wondered – how tight the competition must be in grabbing attention, but upon closer inspection I realized that every brand has its own identity which in turn appeals to their fan base.

Aisy Asyraf Boutique offers modern and contemporary designed Kurta and Jubah for men.
Weekend crowed

The outlet is situated on the second floor of a corner shop lot with its hard-to-miss signboard. Entering, you will be welcomely greeted and flashed with the various categories of apparrels and stunning designs which are strategically placed for convenience – as the traffic of walk-in customers and purchases are in its all-time high.


Kemeja Pak Maun (Right) & Kurta Batik (Left)

Since 2015 the brand Aisy Asyraf was inspired by the name of Imam Muda Asyraf (Juara Imam Muda Musim 1) and his son Aisy Raihan. Its ‘Judah’ and ‘Kurta’ fashion sense is meant to appeal to the modern and contemporary man to wear for both formal or casual occasions, even during ‘Hari Raya’. Its price may vary depending on the category of attire and material, however is reasonable and under market price. They also have accessories ranging from men’s ‘Capal’, perfume, clutch bags and ‘Butang Baju Melayu’ for a complete set to add to your collection.


Kurta Batik with floral patterns.


I particularly love the ‘Kurta Batik’ which is actually Aisy Asyraf’s fan favourite. Trying it on, its cool and comfortable fabric allows my body to breathe plus its easy care material allows its user convenience of machine wash. It currently has more than 25 different designs and sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. Cuff sleeved top with cufflink holes and collared neckline with ‘Butang Baju Melayu’ fastening adds the ability to accessorize to a man’s choice in style. A top left pocket and semi slim fit cutting gives character to the modern man. Its perfect for any of my formal occasion.

Kemeja Pak Maun with floral patterns.


This short-sleeved-button-down collared shirt also caught my eye. Its semi slim-fit cotton material cutting hugs nicely against my body and with a top left pocket makes for convenience. What took me awhile to choose were its many abstract and floral motif. I had to practically try-on a few shirts from its 38 designs to see which best accentuates my character and style. Conveniently, this category also provides sizes that range from XS to XXXL.

Size ‘M’ and Size ‘XXXL’ difference.


Finding the outlet wasn’t at all difficult, using Google maps it clearly showed me the way.


Aisy Asyraf Shah Alam

No 18 A Tingkat 1, Jalan Plumbum q7/q Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam


11.00 am – 8.00 pm





Spending more than 4 hours at the outlet while trying on the many apparels, finally got a Kurta and Kemeja Pak Maun to add to my closet. Absolutely worth it! Will be coming again for different designs soon.

Check out my visit on my YouTube Channel.


The moment I walked-in was something out of a futuristic movie – allowing my imagination to run wild, its metal inclosures measured-up to a spaceship or time capsule – a feeling I’m comfortable with, and an experience I’m eager to share.


Its bold containers, are in stark contrast with its tight corridors and sleek stairs, clean and organized sleeping quarters, and calm dimineur almost makes it all too difficult for me to resist a moment of slumber.

For just RM55 – 6-hour accommodation package, you get a bed, shower, and luggage storage, granted you can check-in between 8am and 4pm. It is conveniently levelled with a food court and bus terminal at L1 of gateway@klia2. Either check-in between that time to enjoy its package or anytime throughout the day, CapsuleTransit can cater to a variety and quantity of guests – subject to availability of course, as some even extend their stay.


Boxed quarters is currently a trend and doesn’t seem to be slowing down the go-getter and backpacker attitude. The attractive combination of having cheaper rates than hotels offer while being more luxurious than hostels has caused demand to surge and better alternative, even for transit travellers.


Level 1 (CP1) Lot 1-5,Gateway@klia2
Terminal klia2
KL International airport, Jalan klia2/1,
64000 Sepang. Malaysia

Opening Hours


Contact Number

03-7610 2020




If you’re planning to backpack somewhere and pressed for time when it comes to preparing a decent meal, then the go-to prepacked meal you should be eyeing for is the ‘Chicken Masak Merah with Tomato Rice’ by Kembara, which is sold at the Agrobazaar Malaysia outlet. A locally produced premium pack, capable of satisfying your hunger pangs – even at the highest altitudes or deep inside the toughest terrain of Malaysia’s rainforest in just below 10minutes.


All you have to do is just add water in the packet and the self-heating element will smoke-up a storm for 10minutes and your set for a delicious meal. THAT’S ALL!

Priced around RM22 including tax (at KLIA2) for a single meal is worth it, if where your headed is an inconvenience to cook or pressed for time. Check-out their website to see what I mean and fish for their promotion or deals at KembaraAdventureMeals.