Most people I know, ‘Starbucks’ would be their choice for coffee. However, I craved a bold new taste that fateful morning and there it was; directly facing the entrance of level 3 – Departure Hall, the ‘Kofi Kraze2’ premium outlet. Its modern contemporary outlet offers charging ports, comfortable seats, in a go-getter trend café setting. Furthermore, Its comfy exterior couldnt subdue the aroma of freshly ground coffee and gourmey sandwiches peaking through the glass display.


Fortunately, I was able to sample a few of its premium cold brew coffee flavours – boasting its breakthrough in coffee brewing technology (the ‘Maxtract’ process) which gives ‘Kofi Kraze2’ its smoothness, aroma and intensity.

I must admit it wasn’t at all disappointing – particularly the international favourite ‘BlackCoffee’ and the local twist ‘Kokonut Burst’. Its black coffee certainly has a kick to it but held nothing back in its smooth taste and aroma. In addition, I like to take my coffee cold too – as it is relatively less acidic and richer in antioxidants, and is the case of its tropical ‘Kokonut Burst’; essentially coffee with natural coconut in the mix. The smooth coconut taste – more like silk against your skin, compliments the Arabica coffee. A reasonable price for a cup of coffee and gourmet sandwiches that come in 3 different servings to further fill your hunger pangs.

Speaking to Chong Lee Kian (Director) at the ‘Kofi Kraze2’ outlet.


In short, If you crave coffee with a local taste, eco friendly and healthier, then ‘Kofi Kraze2‘ should come to mind at KLIA2.


L3-23, Level 3, Gateway@klia2
Terminal klia2
KL International airport
Jalan klia2/1
64000 KLIA

Opening Hours

8:00AM – 10:00PM

Contact Number

03-5166 4862




Published by Otto Othman

Supporting local entrepreneurs in making sound business decisions by creating aesthetic-marketing programs, digital video production, creative content, and data analysis. I also have a love for film making and passion for history.

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