The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque Fascinates Japanese Visitors.

The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque is centred within the city of Shah Alam and can easily accommodate more than 20,000 people at one time. Notably the biggest mosque in South East Asia, it also has the largest religious dome in the world – 50m in diameter and reaches over 105m above ground level.

Piercing the sky over 140m in height, are the minarets of the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah mosque.

The mosque holds the world record of having the tallest group of minarets (above ground) in the world – measuring 140m each in height. The sheer size of the mosque can be seen (on a clear day) from Kuala Lumpur at a vantage point.

Construction took more than 4 years which began in 1983 and has a combination of Malay and Islamic architecture with calligraphy that makes the mosque a unique structure that will see worshipers and visitor alike, appreciate its grandeur for generations.

The windows are fitted with blue stained glass to reduce the amount of light that can enter the hall. The resulting filtered illumination renders a bluish ambiance to the interior spaces evoking a sense of peace and owning its title as the “Blue Mosque” of South East Asia.

The Blue Mosque overlooks the Garden of Islamic Arts, a landscaped park inspired by the Quranic Garden of Paradise (Jannah).


Visitors from abroad who wish to observe the interior of the mosque are encouraged to register themselves at the Tour Guide Office. This will not only help enhance your experience but also understand in detail.

Foreign visitors are advised to register themselves before entering the mosque at the Tour Guide Office.

Admission is Free, and tours are guided by trained volunteers who are able to converse in various languages.

Tourists from Japan wearing the “Telekung” provided by the management.
A brief introduction and presentation.

It was a pleasant surprise what the statistics revealed. The number of foreign visitors to the mosque comprised mostly from Japan – 75% for 2018.

One of the activities in the guided tour [upon request] can include the “Wudhu” practise.

For foreign visitors or worshipers who wish to take magnificent photography of the structure – no flash photography. Best come on a bright sunny day.

Attire must be decent and covered. No shorts, skirts or tank tops etc. are allowed. Thus register yourself at the Tour Guide Office for proper wear before entering.

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