A charming town christened by the toils of war, undying fealty to the crown and decades of socio-cultural tolerence is what makes Klang intriguing. Remnants of what once was, still emanates within its few colonial structures. The state governments’ efforts in restoring its prize keep as a heritage walk is admirable and I’m here to share the…

10 Reasons why I came back for the Royal Town of Klang Heritage Walk.

1. Sultan Sallehuddin Shah

(Front View) The Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery, housing the royal lineage of the Sultan of Selangor.

I’m fascinated by the Buginese culture and tradition. Seeing how the first Sultan of Selangor was of Buginese royal decendent, I’ve grown particularly fond of the lineage. Tracing back my roots you might say.

2. Selangor Civil War

During the peak of Selangor’s tin ore mining industry, many persude control of Klang’s rich minerals which led to confrontations and the loss of hundres of lives, that lasted longer than the 2nd World War. The trials and tribulations of this horrific history can (I believe) help us futher understand and avoid resurrection of past wrongs, but most of all become a little wiser.

3. The Banana Leaf

There is a discreet signboard hanging outside its shop – it’s hard to spot if you’re driving around. However, you’ll score a better chance of spotting the boxed restaurant with the name “Yap Kee” on foot. This place serves the most delicious banana leaf in Klang, I’ve ever tasted. I’m like Oliver Twist asking…

“Sir… please sir, can I have another?”.

I was there on a Monday afternoon and it was already crowded with hungry patrons. Owned by an Indian, managed by a Chinese… what a twist for a humble little restaurant shop in town. Great food, fast and friendly service with a retro environment for a reasonable price.

4. Hubback’s Design

As an amateur photographer, I’d like to experiment best on exploring the many characters of A.B. Hubback’s victorian influanced structural designs e.g. the Sultan Abdu Aziz Royal Gallery, which still stands erect and intact – for the most part, even after the 2nd World War.

5. The First Double-Decked Bridge (Jambatan Kota Klang)

Another great structure and visual stimulant for amature photographers is on Malaysia’s first double-decked historical bridge. Built in 1958, the wicked structure – oblivious to commuters, emanates emotion and screams for attention in a generation that long forgets its roots.

6. Royal Klang Club

Built to welcome foreigners and royalties was opened in the early 1900’s. Its sailor motif with actual ship ornemants and wooden hulls built into the structure emanates a rustic and musky experience as if on a journey to set sail in an 18th century freegate ship – another photographers heaven. Of course any membership of this magnitude is of equal amount. Dig deep.

7. The Transportation

Despite surprisingly still being in operation since the 1890’s and with numerous renovation efforts made, The Klang KTM Station still prides itself as a British colonial architectural marvel. Another opportunity to best capture the buildings’ most intimate stories to picture.

8. Locomole

This mobile application which I have to install, has definitely made my experience to the heritage walk more insightful. Applying technology to further enhance the touring experience is one on my list to come again and support this effort by the Klang Municipal Council.

9. Friendly FREE Guided Tour

Jointly organised by Tourism Selangor Sdn. Bhd. and Klang Municipal Council, the walk is available only on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9am. Limited to a maximum of 20 people in a group, any larger you’ll have to formally write to the organizers prior to your tour. The personalized 3-hour tour of a 2.5km walk makes it all worth the trip.

10. Why Not?

The easy and cheap access to experience public transportation at your service and back to Kuala Lumpur Central Station, with history in your face, good food, and in great company, what more can you wish for in a day trip.

For further information, contact:

Tourism Selangor (Product Department) at +603-55132000

Published by Otto Othman

Supporting local entrepreneurs in making sound business decisions by creating aesthetic-marketing programs, digital video production, creative content, and data analysis. I also have a love for film making and passion for history.

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