What ensued, surprised me – Kesultanan Melayu Melaka Museum

Defensive “Silat” stance at the entrance of the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka Museum.

As I walked the path towards the museum which is a replica of the Sultan Mansur Shah palace back in the 1400’s [Picture above], I must admit a surge of emotion coursed through me, a kind of feeling I emit whenever in the presence of a historical masterpiece. Construction process of the Sultan Mansur Shah palace was a task that took 2 years, preserving certain traditional techniques i.e “Pasak dan Tanggam” a.k.a “Pegs and Morties” and the finest wood pieces which makes up 80 percent of its structural grandeur.

In full view of the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka Museum.


To my luck an entourage from the Persatuan Cahaya D’elima clad in traditional Malay attire were performing for its visitors outside the museum entrance, which included a showcase in the traditional martial art of “Silat”. What ensued, surprised me as I was randomly picked to participate in their performance and tasked at the best of my ability to follow certain “Silat” movements.

Learning a “Silat” defensive stance. Click on the image to see how I turned out.

After briefly lending myself to the judgement of spectators for my “Silat” performance, I was then presented with gifts [picture below] for my 60 seconds of spotlight.

I see a pearl!


I suggest to avoid crowds, queues and uninterrupted moments to take those perfect pictures would be around 11 in the morning preferably on working days, this would allow you to appreciate every detail and experience the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka Museum to the fullest.

An epic battle between two respected warriors of old. Hang Jebat and Hang Tuah.


If your into architecture, artifacts, miniature buildings, lifestyle, fashion and stories of how Melaka came to be, then this should be your fist stop. Upon entering the building, visitors are required to leave their footwear at the steps of the entrance under the watchful eye of its staff and security. Everything is perfectly maintained under the Department of Museums Malaysia (JMM) and Perbadanan Muzium Melaka (PERZIM).

What particularly grabbed my interest was the “Pancaragam Diraja”, I’ve always been fascinated about how cool it would sound if traditional instruments were to penetrate the international mainstream music industry. Alas, there has yet to be one who is up to the task. Traditionally played within the halls of the istana (castle) [picture below] has different music compositions for different occasions. According to the museum’s curator of PERZIM, the istana’s Balairong Seri placements are based on actual hierarchic  positions back in the day. Also within the museum’s collection are 6 iconic istana designs.

Balairong Seri is a hall for official royal affairs.


Adults (RM) Children (RM)
Malaysians 3 2
Foreigners 5 2

For other references on ticket/entrance fee in other museums around Melaka, CLICK HERE!


Now be sure to carry only what is necessary during your trip, as to not burden yourself with extra weight and thought. During summer time, you’d not have to worry about hydration as refreshments are around the museum and in walking distance. According to (PERKIM), the museum itself has over 300,000 international visitors annually and growing, adding that most looked forward to the interactive sessions with traditional games like “Congkak”, “Capteh” and much more.

Besides the overly-popular and vibrant of Melaka’s renowned capital as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Visitors; just like 500 years ago happily converge, needn’t worry of getting lost as the state’s citizens would be more than helpful to give directions. However, like in any bustling city, be watchful of your valuables. Just like 500 years ago, pickpockets around but craftier.  Overall, you’ll have plenty to do and much to experience in Melaka.

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