I was fixated by its commanding structure “Teratak Perpatih”

Upon entering its compound, your gaze will be fixated on the main complex of the Negeri Sembilan State Museum. Aloft a hill, its commanding curved roof structure with multi-tiered pinnacles; reflect the culture and values of the Minangkabau community, is the main complex named “Teratak Perpatih”. Renovated in 1986 as the state’s distinguished museum, it is great place to further understand the state’s history and custom.

Teratak Perpatih Building is the main complex of the “Muzium Negeri Sembilan”

Getting to the museum was no trouble at all by train, from Kuala Lumpur Central Station (KL Central) to Seremban station. Strategically located in the state’s capital, it’s just a distance of 2.6km from the station or roughly a brisk 30-minute walk. Thus far, I’ve placed my trust and support on “Google Maps” to get around unfamiliar places and has never failed me. I’d prefer to spend an hour and a half of my time in the comfort of a train, rather getting myself stuck in traffic and drowning with other expenses like toll charges, fuel, and the hassle of parking, just to visit the museum. I’d prefer to contemplate comfortably in the train planning my journey and recharge before a journey. Furthermore, I’d save half of what I’d spend if I were to drive myself. Savvy!

Guiding my way to the “Muzium Negeri Sembilan”

Once you arrive at the entrance of the museum complex (Teratak Perpatih) you’ll notice the marvellous structural mapping of what represents a Minangkabau house. Aside the notable curved-roof structure; which mimic a buffalo’s horn, are the motivated placements of each space within the house. The uniqueness of its layout is the authentic Minangkabau matrilineal system from Western Sumatera that is divided into private room, public and semi-public. Its design is geared to provide welfare to its residence and regional culture whilst still protecting its values.

Makan Berselo
Having lunch at the lounging area of the “Rumah Negeri Sembilan”

Aside its graphical chronology of Negeri Sembilan’s history, for further inquiry on the matter it houses a library, and if you fancy a traditional meal; after all that work, just ask the friendly staff on “Pakej Makan Berselo” – if you’re lucky. I particularly am fascinated by the Minangkabau architectural design alone and meanings behind it is fascinating enough. So if you’re like me – a history nutt, with a sense of adventure, then head down for the experience and witness the museum for yourself. Admission is free.

Rumah Negeri Sembilan
Rumah Negeri Sembilan

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